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Upon acquiring SCP-1337, the vehicle is to be driven to Site 1337-Delta, and the remains of the D-class disposed of.If SCP-1337 is not spotted, this anomaly must be immediately reported.During the 19th of each month, the 'active' phase of SCP-1337, the system of roads known collectively as 1337-Alpha are to be constantly patrolled for signs of SCP-1337.

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Typical texting language, such as LOL or ROTFL, are the opposite of Leetspeak, as these newcomers to English aren’t intended to obscure but simply to make communication more efficient, a goal that requires that both the sender and receiver of text recognize the intended meaning of the abbreviation.

Technically, LOL is an initialism, “a name or term formed from the initial letters of a group of words and pronounced as a separate word.” Are there other aspects of electronic communication you’d like us to explore?

He will also find it confirmed that he who is joyful in his heart will gain easier the serenity of a concentrated mind.

Teachers on the whole were totally involved in this struggle of convictions, keen to win us over to one side or the other.

It is at this stage that right understanding known as insight ( vipassanaa ) begins to work.

While compassion (karuna a) is, or should be, the inspiration for it, unselfish joy should be its boon companion.

Someone has used a combination of strange numbers and symbols to spell out words, but in an awkward, semi-coherent manner.

(What is it called when you can surprisingly read scrambled words?

We must mention that the arrangement of the letters of the keyboard in front of you is not random.

If you don’t know why your keyboard letters start with QWERTY, here’s the answer.


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