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News about that night didn’t see the daylight four days and when the media started releasing it, it turned out lacking the language, the words to describe the situation they manoeuvred themselves into within the limits of political correct speech.

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In order to be able to talk about what happened to them we must be able to name them. These expressions are barred from politically correct speech because they would tarnish the reputation of a non-Christian religion. In the dry technical (corresponding to what technology?

The perpetrators were men, while most of the victims were women. (Although some want to deprive us nowadays of the use of the words ’man’ and ’woman’.) But who were the more or less thousand men united in groups who surrounded, harassed, threatened, groped, fingered and sometimes even raped women passing by? (That practice is only admitted when it comes to Catholics over accusations of paedophilia.) People belonging to Islam? ) jargon she uses to communicate with the world, she only conceded that when it comes to what happened to Cologne Again and again we have two speak about the basic principles of cultural coexistence.

Several days had to pass before it became known that what had happened in Cologne was something not unfamiliar four people in other German cities or again in Austria or Sweden, nor was it in any way a singular occasion. Again and again we have two make sure if with regards to expulsions from Germany and inevitable departures (! Countries have always benefited from successful immigration both economically and socially’.

) we have done all what is necessary, to give a clear signal to those who refuse to abide by our legal system. This meta-speech makes it clear that for the Chancellor and the German political and media elite following in her footsteps Germany only exists as a juridical and a business reality.

As a result, over 2 million ’refugees’ have arrived in Germany and their numbers continue to rise.. When on New Year’s eve 2015, in front of the Cologne railway station, within the station itself and in railway wagons the population of the city and its suburbs who intended to have a good time celebrating the New Year were being intimidated and the women sexually harassed by men under the influence of alcohol, people suddenly realised what had happened to Germany.

The media of course was silent as always and even denied the facts, while German politicians followed their usual habit of blowing smoke.It is not a birthplace, nor is it somebody’s native land, a community of kin bound together by joint traditions and culture.No, it is just a business unit operating in a given legal environment which can be made even more global-conform through immigration in order to reap even higher profits.Bee Gees When masses of migrants were streaming across the Balkans towards Hungary’s borders in the summer heat, I still hoped to see Europe’s leaders wake up from their Sleeping Beauty dream, realise the gravity of the danger and take immediate steps to prevent Europe from being invaded. The human flood tumbling through Serbia ended up thronging our highways, paralysing transports along several of our main routes, finally invading Budapest’s Keleti railway station and its surroundings, practically blocking rail traffic between Hungary and Austria.Media outlets relayed scenes of deliberate invasion, as the alleged ’refugees’ who according to the left-liberal media had been running this far for their lives, were confronting the Hungarian authorities like scores of mobile intifada units, putting forward demands, blackmail and tricks as directed by their ringleaders.Hungary found herself for weeks and even months on the Cutty stool of ‘authoritative’ international public opinion, for the sole reason of daring to protect her borders; stopping the new settlers invading its territory; expecting them to abide by the law and claiming its right to vet and screen people intending to cross its borders.Manipulative, untrue and fully unfair media onslaughts have been coupled by lecturing, scolding, threatening and excoriating gestures by Western politicians until this very day. the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg; the Chancellor of Austria; a whole line of German politicians; officials from Norway; the president of France and his Cabinet Ministers; the Prime Minister of Italy etc.) In the climax of the crisis, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany who apparently aspires to Mother Theresa’s laurels, decided without consulting her fellow European politicians to send a blank invitation to all migrants desiring to settle in Europe.German intellectuals are thus convinced that their wives and daughters being terrorised, intimidated and shamed by migrants in their own cities carriers less weight than the inconvenience suffered by a few impatient and pretentious migrants when they had to remain in their buses somewhat longer than scheduled. Their worrying love of ‘victims’ has overwritten everything ever since ’68.To be sure of being on the ‘right’ side along with their parents, they badly need victims they can ‘attend to’.As Confucius said, when words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom. The right answer was found four days later: they were Blacks and North Africans.’ Black’ is a good word. A week had passed by the time the first reports timidly using the word ’refugee’ appeared.Who were the perpetrators and who were the victims? The politically correct denied that they were migrants. The political elite in general and the Chancellor in particular have still not made that step to this very day.


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