Literature Review On Online Shopping

This allows them to provide another convenient element for the customer that might not be able to visit a store for the products that they require.

Evidently retailers see their presence on the internet as an opportunity to further meet the needs of their customers employing the motto of ‘If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you’.

These limitations are as follows: Environmental analysis does not predict the future.

It does not eliminate uncertainty for the organization also.

Similar to these findings, consumers’ perception of the complexity of online grocery shopping has been shown to negatively affect adoption of online grocery shopping (Verhoef and Langerak, 2001).

The psychology of marketing as well as consumer online shopping behaviour seems a distinct correlation between advertising and consumer perception.Moreover, the process of environmental analysis reduces the time pressures on a few which are not anticipated.Environmental analysis suffers from certain limitations also.To date, sales of food and drinks over the internet have yet to make the same impact observed in other parts of the consumer goods industry, most notably books, clothing and electronic items such as computer equipment.( It has become clear that most of the existing retailers use the online service as an extension of the service that they provide in house.If the company fails to adjust or react to the demands of the environment, by changing their strategies, it can’t achieve corporate objectives.Business Environmental diagnosis helps the businessmen in two ways. He can ascertain the possible threats to the business.However, environmental analysis enables the business enterprises to study the environment and formulate the strategies accordingly, which will result in successful attainment of objectives.Business Environment analysis and diagnosis give businessmen time to anticipate opportunities and to plan to take optional response to these opportunities.This process revolves around a high level of not just understanding the customers but identifying the right strategy in relation to marketing and what suits the consumer.According to (Liu and Wei, 2003) consumers’ perceived usefulness and perceived ease of using the Internet for shopping purposes have positive effects for consumer adoption of online shopping.


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