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Initially, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth adored each other: when Macbeth writes Lady Macbeth a letter naming her his “dearest partner in greatness,” this signifies that he views her as her equal.Lady Macbeth’s mind starts working after reading Macbeth’s letter.He has interrupted sleep showing how tense he is with the crime.

Macbeth proves that aspiration was a noteworthy constituent in his demise.

Macbeth made it so effortless for the witches to help annihilate him.

The witches noted his ambition was his weakness thus making it effortless for them to plan Macbeth’s destruction.

Macbeth’s desire to have the witches stay on and continue with their prophecy shows his ambition and strives for power which the witches instantly spotted.

Writing about Macbeth outlines how ruinous over-ambition or ambition can be.

Macbeth, seemingly an aristocrat, is driven to actions and thoughts which are inherently averse to his nature and in the end causes his destruction alongside Lady Macbeth, his wife.

A ‘plan’ or ‘blueprint’ for your essay is called an outline.

An outline aids in sorting one’s arguments and thoughts.

Lady Macbeth’s statement ‘shalt be’ uncannily mirrors the Witches prophecy.

The breakdown of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship results from various deeds, most obviously King Duncan’s murder. Macbeth is overcome with regret and remorse he knows sleep no more.


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