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And while there is much to critique about their first candidate Andrew Jackson, Van Buren's presidency would be altogether different from the tempestuous and nationalistic general.While he was short and rapidly balding/graying, he was one of our most level-headed and respectful occupiers of the White House.

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In contrast to Jackson and Calhoun, he sought to maintain alliances and friendships.

While men like John Randolph were more consistent, Van Buren, unlike Jefferson when his time came for the presidency, maintained a more consistently antistatist line during his time in office.

He was also forced by political considerations into refraining from defending the new Mormon faith from mob and state violence that pervaded in Missouri.

In terms of the slavery question, Little Van has an even more unfortunate legacy.

He was very willing to defy them and side with blacks when it came to minor incidents.

However, when it came to major issues, he would not go as far as John Quincy Adams in defending African American rights.

Martin Van Buren is probably one of most maligned, and paradoxically one of the most forgotten United States presidents.

However, in his time, he was one of the biggest forces to occupy the Democratic Party.

The first, and most laudatory, was his peaceful foreign policy. He was also successful in preventing two wars with Mexico and the U. by maintaining a neutral stance that promoted free trade over mercantilist conflict.

He also opposed the annexation of Texas for fear it would divide the party over the slavery question (and boy was he right about that! This was a trait seen during the Jackson administration, when he successfully negotiated a trade settlement with the British West Indies, and prevented a war with France over Jackson's hot temper.


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