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The most free and open Society is that of the Grand Kaihebar, which consists of a select Company of Responsible People, whose chief discourse is concerning Trade and Business, and promoting mutual Friendship without Compulsion or Restriction.

But if after the Admission into the Secrets of Masonry, any new Brother should dislike their Proceedings, and reflect upon himself for being so easily cajoled out of his Money, declines the Fraternity or secludes himself upon the Account of the Quarterly Expences of the Lodge and Quarterly Communications, notwithstanding he has been legally admitted into a Constituted and Regular Lodge, shall be denied the Privilege (as a Visiting Brother) of knowing the Mystery for which he has already paid, which is a manifest Contradiction according to the Institution of Masonry itself, as will evidently appear by the following Treatise.

The Masonry Society’s (TMS) Student Thesis Awards are presented annually by TMS’s Research Committee to the best doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis on masonry topics. dissertations previously sent to TMS for award selection and that meet the current Ph. completion date requirements, are still eligible and will be automatically considered without the need for resubmittal.

Masters theses or reports will be considered that were submitted for degree requirements between May 16, 2019 and June 1, 2020. dissertations that are submitted for degree requirements between July 1, 2018 and June 1, 2020 are eligible for this award. Theses must be submitted to the TMS office ( [email protected]) no later than June 1st of the award year.

All this under no less Penalty than to have my throat cut, my Tongue taken from the Roof of my Mouth, my Heart pluck'd from under my Left Breast, them to be buried in the Sands of the Sea, the Length of a Cable-rope from Shore, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in 24 Hours, my Body to be burnt to ashes, my Ashes to be scatter'd upon the Face of the Earth, so that there shall be no more Remembrance of me among Masons.

As the Sun rises in the East and opens the Day, so the Master stands in the East [with his Right Hand upon his Left Breast being a Sign, and the Square about his Neck] to open the Lodge and to set his Men at Work.

The world is considering all the methods of construction being sustainable.

Members from the timber and masonry industry are trying to make the materials and processes more sustainable and make minimum impact on the environment.

There are many discussions in the construction industry arguing which is the best method of construction, timber framed or masonry.

This report will contain comparisons of both methods of construction and try and summarize what is the best solution of construction.


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