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Here it is important that you enter your Lehigh email ID (the six character string before the "" in your official email address).

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Also, beware that the Lehigh bookstore may charge more than what you would pay if you purchase the registration on-line.

All materials that will be made available for this class will be posted on coursesite.

Note that this course uses an older edition (3d edition) of this textbook.

This is helpful because it's cheaper: you can get it used from several places!

Open the Introduction to Mastering assignment and select the Introduction to Symbolic Answers item.

This assignment provides practice items for different kinds of questions.They are done on-line in your masteringphysics account twice a week, and they are discussed in recitations.As a rule, new homework assignments become available on Thursdays, to be completed by Midnight the following Tuesday, and they become available on Tuesdays, to be completed by the midnight of Thursdays.This is an English text that describes with complete sentences how you would plan to solve the problem.Second, on the Friday one week later, you hand in your final solution.Males and potential business majors at MIT are more likely to cheat on Mastering Physics, and cheaters tend to do worse on the physics final and are more likely to fail, according to a study published yesterday. Pritchard and three co-authors analyzed how many students copied answers to Mastering Physics problems in 8.01T in fall 2003 through 2005 and 8.02T in spring 2006.They found that the repeated copying of Mastering Physics problems was highly correlated with poor performance on the final and failing freshman physics.Note that the Tuesday homework needs to be done over the next two days, while the Thursday homework needs to be done over the next 5 days, including weekend.The Learning Homework (LHW) is a one-problem homework, done on paper, that is designed to promote communication and discussions (between students and between students and instructors) and that will help understand a technique or a topic that is of particular interest or relevance.Select the correct textbook, otherwise it won't work.ALso,they will give you the option to access the textbook electronically (for a relatively small fee), and if you accept the option you want to get access to the right book.


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