Mcdonalds Case Study Analysis Strategic Management

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As with the changing in the food industry and growing number of restaurants and food items every day, Mc Donald’s need to focus on its current situation around the world, their menu should be improved in quality, taste and number of products or items.

For the consumer point of you, there is better thing to eat than Mc Donald’s, however, improvement in menu and prices should be follow, Mc Donald’s should introduce better food item than its competitors, example, variety of fries, burger and sandwiches should be there.

Mc Donald’s should implement HR strategies and strategies vary to finance deportment, staff need to mange by HR department, example, and wages should be given properly, and there should be incentives and rewards after proper appraisal system.

The action or strategies need to implemented for the cleanliness staff, as Mc Donald’s is famous for its clean open kitchen, so there should be in time, proper check by the management team that all riles are implemented or not.

The customer of modern age, are well aware of everything related to food, so strategies should be made, that can persuade customers, and quality, clean food should be given to people.

MCDONALD'S CASE ANALYSIS REPORT Case Analysis Report Mc Donald's case analysis report Mc Donald's has grown significantly from the early days of having a single outlet to the current status where it has more than 26,000 restaurants which are located in 120 countries.

One such strategy that failed was the one that involved the Arch Deluxe sandwich which was targeted at adults.

The company ran a massive campaign to increase their sales which was a serious flop.

The company no serves 15 billion customers every year with sales topping 40 billion dollars.

It has, however, not been smooth sailing for Mc Donald's since the company has suffered from serious problems as a result of the company's decision-making being shaky and many of their products and their marketing strategies having failed terribly.


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