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Eventually, anyone who was willing to give up his prior identity and assume a new American persona became American.

The United States has always cherished its “melting pot” ethos of When immigration was controlled, measured, and coupled with a confident approach to assimilation, America thrived.

Many cultures reflected their suspicion of diversity by using pejorative nouns for the “other.” In Hebrew, the “goyim” were all the other non-Jewish nations and peoples.

“Odar” in Armenian denoted the rest of the world that was not ethnically Armenian.

For Japanese, the “gaijin” are those who by nationality, ethnicity, and race cannot become fully Japanese.

In 18th-century Castilian Spain, “gringo” meant any foreign, non-native speakers of Spanish.

VIDEO HOMEWORK – CULTURE PSYCHOLOGY MELTING POT IN SCHOOL The term “melting pot” is believed to have been introduced by the Jewish play writer Israel Zangwill in his Pre-World War I play about the convergence of people and cultures in a single community. Adjusting the educational structure of the school system to reflect the newest shifts in classroom composition will work toward building a multicultural education to ensure that students and families from all cultures will have skills to function together. Children can not only become aware of their own cultural ancestry but also become sensitive to other cultures, knowledgeable about viewpoints other than their own, and prepared to live in an increasingly pluralistic society.

The phrase became a cultural and scholarly idiom to signify the belief that different culture/ racial/ ethnic groups can form one homogenous group; each culture is viewed as equally contributing and equally represented. is more heterogeneous with regard to its racial and ethnic composition than ever before. Through a multicultural education that does not support the idea of the melting pot, children can learn about and value the diversity that exists in the U.

Sometime in the late 20th century, America largely gave up on multiracialism under one common culture and opted instead for multiculturalism, in which each particular ethnic group retained its tribal chauvinism and saw itself as separate from the whole. The government tracked Americans’ often complicated ethnic lineage.

Jobs and college admissions were sometimes predicated on racial pedigrees and quotas.


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