Motivation And Satisfaction Research Paper

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Lastly, the team leader should strive to be a key motivational figure in the group, who inspires the members to accomplish their tasks.Attitudes relating to job satisfaction and organizational commitments can reflect on team’s performance since the teamwork though is a collective effort it also depends on the individual inputs.Team’s motivation, satisfaction, and performance greatly affect the level of productivity of a given organization by either impacting positively or negatively on the overall production output through individual inputs in the production process.

Within the team to improve job satisfaction attitudes it appropriate to observe respect for each other in order to make each member to feel valued.

Additionally the human resource department should address issues of wage disparities, equitable pay and adequate compensation to enhance long-term job satisfaction level among the employees.

In enhancing the three factors within the team, communication plays a major part.

This is quite true since communication plays the following functions within a group or an organization: first, it controls member behaviour in a variety of ways.

Team members form attitudes about many objects in relation to their work, a thing that greatly influences their individual performances.

In teamwork, individual attitudes that are vital are those that touch on hope, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2009, P.51).

For example, in team meeting if a member has a dislike for coffee and the team is served with coffee that person will mostly likely turn down the offer.

Though the relationship between attitude and behaviour is very visible, it is extremely complex to determine the effect of an attitude on the behaviour outcome.

Communication appears to facilitate these factors while the behaviour mainly shapes their outcomes.

Within a team, behaviour is influenced by factors such as attitudes, emotions, personalities, and the values of the team members.


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