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Factors influencing motivation •The Law of Individual Differences –The fact that people differ in personality, abilities, values, and needs.

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The three components of motivation, Arnold et al (1991) 1. Extrinsic motivators can have an immediate and powerful effect, but will not necessarily last long.

The intrinsic motivators, which are concerned with the ‘quality of working life’ (a phrase and movement that emerged from this concept), are likely to have a deeper and longer-term effect because they are inherent in individuals and their work and not imposed from outside in such forms as incentive pay.

Task Feedback – the degree to which the employee is provided with clear, specific, detailed, actionable information about the effectiveness of his or her job performance The JCM links the core job dimensions listed above to critical psychological states which results in desired personal and work outcomes.

This forms the basis of this ’employee growth-need strength.” The core dimensions listed above can be combined into a single predictive index, called the Motivating Potential Score.

This willingness to work is created by Motivation."'People' is the most important and most valuable.

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The contribution they make may not be arithmetically calculable but it is indeed highly significant in achieving organizational goals.

Skill Variety – the degree to which the job requires the use of different skills and talents 2.

Task Identity – the degree to which the job has contributed to a clearly identifiable larger project 3. Don’t be tempted to carry anyone who is not up to the job.

–Managers should be aware of employee needs and fine-tune the incentives offered to meets their needs. •Job Characteristics Model The Job Characteristics Model (JCM), as designed by Hackman and Oldham attempts to use job design to improve employee motivation.

They show that any job can be described in terms of five key job characteristics: 1. Training is always good; it keeps people up to date and focused on the job 9. We all like to be rewarded or praised for doing it well 11.


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