Multiplying Decimals Problem Solving

Multiplying Decimals Problem Solving-42
Step 1: Step 2: Directions: Read each question below.You may use paper and pencil to help you solve these problems.

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These sheets have a focus on multiplication problems involving decimals.

They are adapted worksheets from resources I have found previously and use £ not $.

5) Emilio's batting average in his first year playing baseball was 0.089.

In his second year, he improved to an average of 0.29. If the pile is 75 cm tall, how many DVD's are there in the pile?

Dividing decimals word problems These division word problems require children to divide the decimals with the whole numbers.

Ask the children to perform the division to find the quotient by applying long division method. Decimals: Multiplication and Division These decimal worksheets emphasize decimal multiplication and division.Extensive decimal word problems are presented in these sets of worksheets, which require the learner to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations.Our decimal word problems are replete with engaging scenarios. Subtracting decimals word problems These decimal word problem worksheets reinforce the real-life subtraction skills such as tender the exact change, compare the height, the difference between the quantities and more.If his car loan is for ,061, then how much will Paul pay each month? Analysis: To solve this problem, we will divide ,061.00 by 36, then round the quotient to the nearest cent (hundredth).Divide: Example 7: What is the average speed in miles per hour of a car that travels 956.4 miles in 15.9 hours? Analysis: We will divide 956.4 by 15.9, then round the quotient to the nearest tenth.Multiplying decimals word problems Each decimal word problem involves multiplication of a whole number with a decimal number.Find the product and check your answer using the answer key provided in the second page. Analysis: We need to estimate the product of .50 and 15.5.Estimate: Answer: The cost of 15.5 weeks of school lunches would be about 0.of our grade 5 math worksheet with word problems involving the addition, subtraction and multiplication of decimal numbers with one or two decimal digits.Some problems may have more than 2 terms, include superfluous data or require the conversion of fractions with denominators of 10 or 100.


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