My Dream Place Essay

A place where you can sit on the porch at night, count the stars and listen to the waves roll over the sand.A place that holds you close and where you always feel you belong.I dream of living in a simple little house by an ocean or sea, preferable where it is warm and sunny, and spending my life writing, reading, raising my kids with my other half, and living in peace.

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Being homeless must give a person an awful feeling.

In the following essay, you will follow your dreams and write about them. The order of your paragraphs is left up to you but, you must have one paragraph on each of the following: Each paragraph must have a topic sentence, at least three supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. I dream that one day, very soon, everyone will have a place to live.

How inspirational would MLK’s speech have been if he said, “I have a plan…”? When King spoke of his dream, it was inspirational not just to the people who shared his dream, but to all people with dreams of their own and dreams for their children.

Likewise, when a student writes about his or her dreams in the essay, the admissions officer can relate because he or she was once at this fork-in-the-road of life between high school and college, student and professional, youth and adult.

Recently there has been a lot of mention in the news about reaching the 50-year milestone anniversary of Martin Luther King’s historic march on our nation’s capital.

Now this may seem a little strange, but it has gotten me thinking about college application essays.

I’ve been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming about this beach home for so long now, it has become an integral part of my future.

The only problem is that the future is always the future until you make it your present.

It is everyone's responsibility to see that all people, especially children, have a place to go to each night that is warm, safe, and welcome. You will start by making a web or chart that list the five areas you are to cover (myself, family, school, country and world).

For example, the web area for the paragraph written above might look like this: Note, there are no complete sentences in your web, just words or pharses to remind you of your ideas. Then you will state what the main idea for each paragraph. Then under each main idea, you will list supporting statement that will tell why you want this dream to come true. You will write the 1st rough draft of your five paragraph essay using the information on the web or chart. You will type your rough draft into a wordprocessor, spell check and print. You will proofread your essay and get three other people to proofread your essay.


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