My Favorite Country Essay

No matter how old they’re, the Parisian people know how to live until the end.

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If you love all that talking, getting to know people every second, come to Brazil 😉 I though to begin this Paris Guide, the icons should be here at first.

Paris impressive architecture and beauty is related to its amazing monuments, aside the beauty of the city itself.

You may not have seen yet the beautiful Notre-Dame from Paris, but you surely have heard of it.

Being one of the most ancient Gothic cathedrals from France, the Notre-Dame is one of the finest examples of the exquisite French Gothic architecture and well known throughout the world.

If you like details, pay attention to all names of French scientists, engineers and mathematics engraved in recognition of their contributions, Gustave Eiffel wanted to pay a homage to France science and you can see under the first balcony of the tower.

Last but not least, if you want to have an exquisite experience, dine in their top floor restaurant, Le Jules Verne.

And the thing I love the most on their behavior is the fact they mind their own business.

If you like to be on your own, being as a couple, or even with friends, but appreciate that kind of thinking and behavior, then Paris will suit you.

And once you’re on top of it, you will be able to see closely the gargoyles.

Yes, they’re fascinating (I personally like very much eheh).


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