Nationalism Vs Sectionalism Essay

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No chapter is more fascinating or more thorough than his description of woman’s part in this urban development.

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After the war of 1812, from 1815 to 1825, some Historians claimed that the nation embraced an Era of Good Feelings due to the destruction of the Federalist Party (but not its ideas) and the numerous nationalistic improvements. Undoubtedly, the compromise damaged the nationalistic feelings of the nation and created sectionalism since the North and the South refused to give up political power that would put their region’s interests at stake. As run by William Jones who issued more banknotes than there were species and allowed employees to steal from the bank.

However, a better name for the post war years of 1815 to 1825 is an Era Of Mixed Feelings because although there Were improvements stimulated by nationalism, there were also conflicts created by sectionalism. Acquired Florida from Spain for $5 million, which basically secured U. Economically, the nation’s wealth did increase but the issue Of protective tariffs brought disunion because the North supported it while the South opposed it. When Jones was replaced by Speeches, Speeches stopped issuing bank notes so he could stop the distressing inflation.

For the first time one has a rounded and complete picture of two decades that were neither brown nor mauve, as they have been sardonically described before, but were decades, rather, of a blurred and shifting color that could not be labelled for the simple reason that they were ever-changing.

Yet I feel that the picture here is not quite valid or authentic.

They have a loose, though fairly definite, unification, in that all of them deal with the importance of sectionalism, but in the main these essays suggest fields that need both broad and intensive study; they do not furnish a complete history of any period or any section. Schlesinger’s “Rise of the City” is a closely knit and thoroughly documented historical narrative, and is Volume Ten of the comprehensive twelve-volume “History of American Life,” edited by Dixon Ryan Fox and Mr. But a wider view suggests that they are also excellently representative of two widely divergent schools of thought about American life.

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A few articles deal with specific historical topics—for example, “Genet’s Projected Attack on Louisiana and the Floridas” — but these articles comprise the least valuable portion of the book. Professor Turner was the first to point out the tremendous influence of the frontier upon American life; the present volume emphasizes the fact that this country was, and is, only loosely a nation, composed less of states than of integrated regional sections.

The Federalist and Republicans’ opinions differed in every subject and diplomatic policies against Britain and France divided the nation. Supremacy in the Western Hemisphere by stating that European powers have no right to interfere in Western affairs, and are not allowed to have further colonization within the Americas. The internal improvements were especially important because as Calhoun puts it, “the extent of the republic exposes us to the greatest of calamities-? The Missouri Comprise of 1820 was a chief example of how slavery separated the people.

At one point, disunion was so apparent that during the Hartford Convention in 1814, New England almost seceded from the Union. The doctrine was especially important because it helped to proclaim U. disunion,” thus by binding ‘the republic together with a perfect system of roads and canals”, the U. The Missouri Comprise allowed Missouri to enter as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state in order to fashion a balance of power and created a 36-30 latitude line border hat unofficially established the North as anti-slavery states and the South as pro-slavery states.

Schlesinger sticks perhaps too closely to the narrow span of years that he treats; the apparent homogeneity has, somehow, never occurred, and the cities have in many cases become only another one of the sections that Mr. Unfortunately, Professor Schlesinger does not consider the economic aspects of the years 1878-1898. But one doubts if the true significance of the rise of the city can be discussed in any other terms. Undoubtedly, the new domination of city over country represented the triumph of organized man in a collectivistic state over individual man in a democratic state; but that triumph, essentially, was an economic one.

After 1865, the country changed, first slowly but by 1878 with an ever-increasing rapidity, from an agrarian and localized economy to an in-dustrialistic and highly centralized economy.


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