Nuclear Energy Persuasive Essay

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They reused the sites of former salt mines, and previous mining work led to structural stability problems in the salt domes.

Both are in poor condition and leaking contaminated brine.

If we define "solution" as something that lets humanity forget about the waste without adverse consequences at a cost that is a small portion of the price of generated electricity, then there are a few options.

The most popular of them is deep geological disposal, which is currently the best researched method.

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Unless otherwise stated, this is original content, released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 or any later version. Feel free to make comments on the talk page, which will probably be far more interesting, and might reflect a broader range of Rational Wiki editors' thoughts.However, this is not applicable to long-lived nuclides, which cease to be dangerous once their radioactivity approaches ambient levels. After this period, the waste is less radioactive than the uranium ore it was ultimately produced from.Since the 65 trillion tons of uranium in the Earth's crust are not a big concern for public health, neither would be such decayed waste.Reprocessing can dramatically reduce the lifetime of nuclear waste - from 10 000 years to about 300.Additionally, it extracts unused uranium and plutonium for reuse.The anti-nuclear movement is preoccupied with the problem of nuclear waste and its possible impact on the environment and health.Generation of nuclear waste, which is dangerous to all known forms of life, is a valid concern about nuclear power, and the problem must be addressed in an environmentally sound way.The validity of this claim is highly dependent on your definition of "solution".If the "solution" is for the waste to magically disappear with no trace at zero cost, then that is indeed impossible, but that's also an unreasonable definition of a solution.Four projects seem to have succeeded, for example, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in USA is already operating and began accepting military transuranic waste in 1998. Two other projects, the planned final storage facilities at Gorleben in Germany and Yucca Mountain in the USA, were cancelled or put on hold indefinitely.The extremely long lifes of waste are usually obtained due to a misapplication of a rule of thumb for short-lived isotopes, which says that a sample is no longer radioactive after 10 half-lifes.


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