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Is it different for families in which there is only one other sibling?Are there serious emotional issues for other family members – including the parents of the Down Syndrome child?

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Usually when one cell divides in two, pairs of chromosomes are split so that one of the pair goes to one cell, and the other from the pair goes to the other cell.

In nondisjunction, something goes wrong and both chromosomes from one pair go into one cell and no chromosomes for that pair go into the other cell.

The information collected helps guide future research and treatment.

Learn more about DS-Connect®: The Down Syndrome Registry.

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Families in which there are Down Syndrome children have special and often conflicting considerations each day of their lives.Most of the time, the error occurs at random during the formation of an egg or sperm.To date, no behavioral activity of the parents or environmental factor is known to cause Down syndrome.Research shows that three types of chromosomal changes can lead to Down syndrome.This is a topic suggestion on Families of Down Syndrome Children from Paper Masters.Early in his career, Down served as medical superintendent at the Royal Earlswood Asylum for Idiots, a charitable establishment dedicated to educating children with learning disabilities.As chief physician, Down noticed that the children at the facility displayed a range of symptoms, and he sought to develop a clinically useful classification scheme to describe these variations.The research paper will shed a great deal of light on this issue through the literature review, as well as present cases that illustrate the social effects on families, from their internal relationships within the family structure to those in the microcosm (other family members and friends), and the macrocosm (society in general as it relates to the other siblings.Another important area is the bonding that does or does not occur among non-Down Syndrome family members, with examples from both perspectives. In fact, the cause of DS remained unknown for nearly 100 years following Down's work.Then, in the 1950s, researchers finally determined the source of DS: the presence of an extra copy of sequence of chromosome 21.


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