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Applicants to our Ph D/MPhil programmes are asked to submit a clear, well-structured research proposal as part of this process.

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You do not need to submit a research proposal for this programme as all applications should be submitted against a particular research project and member of academic staff.

You do not normally need to submit a research proposal for Chemistry research degrees.

You do not normally need to submit a research proposal for Chemistry research degrees as most applications should be submitted against a particular research project.

If you are not applying for a particular research project, you should contact the member of academic staff you wish to work with, who may provide you with a research outline or ask you to submit a research proposal.

So, ensure the first-draft is perfect in every aspect.

It’s even more difficult for those who don’t know Following are the integral elements of a research proposal.This is achieved through discussion and correspondence, towards defining your research topic before you start your course.Unless otherwise stated, your research proposal should be between 250 and 350 words. You won't be able to edit your proposal after you've submitted your application.Further, highlight how it will extend the existing realm of knowledge substantively, theoretically, and methodologically.Your study must relate to both the groups of audience – professional peers and practitioners.If you've already reached agreement with an academic department about a particular project, you must provide brief details of that project within the application form.You must also state the name of the academic member of staff that you have been in contact with.As you know, research proposal outline is the first step towards an impeccable research paper.Till your proposal is accepted well enough, you cannot start working on your main document.This part is considered crucial as it serves the purpose of evidence of your analysis.Limit your delimitations to a certain point that readers may expect you to consider but you have chosen the otherwise with proper explanations. Indicate how your investigation and analysis will refine the field of your research.


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