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Although this isn’t the first time we’ve read and written about an animal, January is when we step up our game and become more focused on finding relevant facts, organizing our writing, and shaping it into well-rounded complete paragraphs.

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I do have a direction that I want to go (which is adding information and becoming more descriptive), but the specific ideas are from the class.

During most weeks of our informational writing unit, we also sort facts about the animal into categories.

Included is a one-page article in black and white, a two-page article with photos, and page of QR Codes for additional research and a fact sort page.

To make our introductory sentence a little more interesting, we use a Genius Paragraph routine.

We were able to read an expository text, gather facts together from a variety of sources, write a topic sentence and finish a paragraph!

Although I tend to co-create the tools my students use when reading and writing about informational text, we do rely on a few printed resources.

You’ll notice at this point that we also specifically identified the penguin as “emperor penguin” and added an adjective for bellies.

All of this was done with the class, in the moment, and suggestions were made by students.

Although we focus on one sentence as a class, students can choose to write their paragraph about a different topic and use a different blah sentence to develop their “genius sentence”.

From there, we add in some more information, like adjectives for the penguins and prepositional phrases to clarify how the penguins slide.


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