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The quality of answers may widely vary as concerns pertinence, correctness and richness of supporting elements.We found a high number of purely task-oriented questions and answers, but also a higher number of learning-oriented questions and correct, informative answers.We chose the Languages section for our analysis, because languages are a study subject, but they are also used in everyday life to communicate in the current globalized world.

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Online social spaces, where users can exchange information, opinions and resources, have achieved wide popularity and are gaining attention in many research fields, including education.

Their actual potential support to learning, however, still requires investigation, especially because portals can widely differ as concerns purpose and internal structure.

Their learning potential, however, cannot be taken for granted just because learning has long been recognized as social in nature.

Social spaces can widely differ as concerns aims, operation and internal structure, and all of these factors affect their usability and affordances.

Shah, Oh and Oh [19], after reviewing the literature on online QA services, draw a research agenda for investigating information seeking behaviors in such settings; they identify three main areas of interest: users (including needs, tasks, expectations and motivation), information (including quality of questions and credibility of answers) and technology (including user interface, usability and business model), as well as some intermediate areas rising from the intersections of the main ones: collective knowledge, usage pattern/behavior and devices/policies related to user-generated content.

Gazan [20], after reviewing the current literature, identifies as major threads of QA research: question and answers classifications, quality assessment, user satisfaction, reward structures, motivation for participation, operationalization of trust and expertise.This suggests that this kind of social space actually has valuable potential for informal learning.Online social spaces have become increasingly popular in the past few years and are receiving the attention of researchers in the educational field as possible supports for formal learning or opportunities of informal learning [1,2,3,4].For this reason, we have conceived of this exploratory study, with the aim to stimulate the development of research studies on the considered topic.section of YA Italy, posted and resolved within a few days in December 2013.Sentiment analysis in questions and answers is carried out by Kucuktunc, Cambazoglu, Weber and Ferhatosmanoglu [13], who found that best answers differ from other answers, as concerns the sentiment they express, and predict the attitude that a question will provoke in answerers.Technical tools to automate some function within QA spaces include proposals like: identifying authoritative actors [15], learning to recognize reliable users and content [16], personalizing the interaction with the system based on user’s interests [17] and a multi-channel recommender system for associating questions with potential answerers [18].This paper aims to contribute in this respect, by concentrating on question answering, a kind of social space not yet widely discussed in education.We analyzed a small corpus of posts from the Languages section of Yahoo!They have become prominent places for online information seeking, especially since answered questions remain available in the website’s database (for everybody, not only for community members) and can be retrieved also through search engines.This exploratory study aims to shed light on the learning potential of QA spaces by building a descriptive picture of the kinds of information exchange (from the learning point of view) that actually take place in it and of the possible learning-oriented attitudes showed by its users.


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