Phd Thesis Acknowledgments

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Over the years, I have enjoyed the aid of several fellowships and scholarships which have supported me while I completed my Ph D.During 1989-90 I received a General Electric Fellowship; in 1992-93 I was partly supported by a grant from IBM Canada, Ltd; and for the last three years I have held a Ph D scholarship from the AT&T foundation.

Thanks for letting me get to know you and your amazing family.

Your awesome ideas will live on in our work, we will all make sure of that.

If it wasn’t for Bert, I would have never even considered a Ph D.

But it was his better half, Katrien, who got me in the room with Erik. She stepped in just as I was close to jumping ship.

Side projects (indie game development and art academy) were an attempt to bring some creativity back into my life, but I needed a serious change where I spent most of my time: the day job. I owe where I am today to a lot of amazing people: for the opportunities, the support, the patience, and the listening. In 2013, I somehow convinced him I would be the right guy for the job.

The Ph D was an unexpected opportunity that presented itself in my mailbox. When times got tough, he would keep convincing me I was.We’ve published great papers, made a name in the community, and put our stamp on student advice at the university. He never once doubted me, and I will never forget his endless “het komt goed” (it will be all right). (I guess this calls for another round of drinks in Boston! I would also like to thank Andrew, Bieke, Yolande, and Martin, for taking the time to read my dissertation, providing valuable feedback, and a memorable private defence. I could not have achieved this without the love of my life (15 years this year, 10 as my gorgeous wife). She quit a promising career to follow me abroad and let me pursue my game developer dream back in 2008.And in 2013 she supported me again in my biggest career change, when I gave up a well-paid, secure job to become a student once again.Completing a Ph D is truly a marathon event, and I would not have been able to complete this journey without the aid and support of countless people over the past seven years.I must first express my gratitude towards my advisor, Professor Gail E. Her leadership, support, attention to detail, hard work, and scholarship have set an example I hope to match some day.She was the motivating force I needed, and pushed me across the finish line.Thanks to both Katrien and Tinne, this last year and a half of the Ph D has been amazing. I’ll do one better: bourbon at Harvard, such an amazing trip!So even if the main contribution doesn’t reach a large audience, I hope the acknowledgements in my book do. I loved all things space and dinosaur related, and had an awesome Physics teacher.Without these people, I would not be where I am today, nor would this small advancement in Learning Analytics research. However, that same teacher told me studying Physics would most likely land me in Finance. But after completing my degree and spending years in the private sector, I wondered if I had made the right decision.I'd like to thank the many graduate and undergraduate students I have worked with in Gail's group: Israel Ben-Shaul, Naser Barghouti, Steve Dossick, Wenwey Hseush, Wenke Lee, Steve Linde, Will Marrero, Steve Popovich, Peter Skopp, Mike Sokolsky, Shelley Tselepis, Travis Winfrey, Felix Wu, Jack Yang.I wish to thank Issy in particular: as my officemate, his insights and comments were invaluable over the years, and I look forward to a continuing collaboration with him in the future.


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