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Hi Everyone, I am looking for an interesting topic to research on for my M. My first topic involved analysis of path lines (secondary migration) but coincidentally a colleague is doing something almost identical.However, I would have changed it to something slightly different but we have limited resources (no software for modelling) in my country and exploration for oil just started so the big companies may not be so generous with data and software.Exploring the impacts, both pro and con, could make for a pretty comprehensive Master's Thesis.

Hi Everyone, I am looking for an interesting topic to research on for my M. My first topic involved analysis of path lines (secondary migration) but coincidentally a colleague is doing something almost identical.

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The fundamentals of spatial statistics is presented followed by the concept of variogram and its different models, estimation variance, different interpolation methods including Kriging and how they differ from each other. It also covers: Formation damage control and evaluation, skin effects and calculation, well stimulation and well performance. Using nodal analysis for design, evaluation, and optimization of petroleum production systems, artificial lift, surface separation, and treating facilities. So, I would appreciate if there is someone with a topic they can pass along. Thanks You might consider studying the impact of "fracking" on the environment and on surrounding communities.Lots of naysayers out there claim that fracking causes earthquakes and other environmental disasters, and contaminates groundwater to the point that it is unusable by society. The underlying physics and mathematics of the various seismic analysis methods are presented, to enable them for creating models of the sub-surface. This course is a modern introduction to seismic data processing E&P for practical applications. candidate) Geology of the Elder Creek porphyry system, Battle Mountain district, Nevada. Geochemisty, Lehigh Univ.), Kurt Friehauf (post-doc; Assoc. Geology, Ludwig-Maximillians Univ., Munich), and Ntsiki Van Averbeke (MS; Ft. Other former graduate students who are still in the academic mill include Julie Hamblock (MS; now Ph D candidate, UTEP), Eric Jensen (Ph D; now post-doc, Univ. Ilchik, Robert P., 1990, Geology, geochemistry, and genesis of the Vantage gold deposits, Alligator Ridge - Bald Mountain mining district, Nevada: unpublished Ph. thesis, University of California, Los Angeles, 138 p. Lynn, 1989, Strontium isotopic and textural characteristics of Pacific hydrogenetic and hydrothermal ferromanganese deposits: unpublished M. thesis, University of California, Los Angeles, 59 p. Johnson, David A., 2000, Studies of iron-oxide(-Cu-REE-Au-Co-Ag-Ni-U) mineralization and associated sodic alteration in the Great Basin: unpublished Ph. candidate) Epithermal style IOCG mineralization and related rocks. of Geology & Dean College of Natural and Health Sciences, University of Northern Colorado), Gray Bebout (Ph D; Prof. Kanté, Janet A., 2002, Comparative studies of mid-Tertiary mineralization at Ajo and other areas in Arizona, southwestern USA: unpublished M. A review of classical statistics and its applications in petroleum engineering is discussed. Estimation of gas properties for well test or production data analysis using accurate correlations and laboratory data, development of material balance analyses for gas reserve calculation, production and reservoir characteristics of gas and gas-condensate reservoirs.


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