Philosophy And Theology Essay

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You will see these changes on live question papers from June 2020 and therefore we have made these changes on the specimen materials for this syllabus.

The specimen questions and mark schemes remain the same.

All actions and texts of this religion would be based upon the scientific knowledge and literature available at the time.

The theory would be self-evolving in nature to the advancements in science and technology.

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On the flip side, one should also be aware of the origin and fate of the vast expanse known as the universe comprising of millions of galaxies, stars, planets and what is the energy which is keeping all of this intact and that too in a predetermined and fixed path.

One should also be aware of the conscious and subconscious state of mind through which we possess this knowledge about each and everything.

The way one behaves thereby has an impact on the society as a whole. (1883), and many other works, including three series of Gifford Lectures and two volumes of personal reminiscences.

Knowledge and Behaviour play in tandem and therefore it becomes imperative “to give the right Knowledge and eliminate wrong Knowledge.” To do this, there are certain prerequisites, Firstly, one should know how to judge between the right knowledge and the wrong knowledge. He was alo responsible for editing the fifty-volume series of Sacred Books of the East-still an invaluable source for the study of religion.


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