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Can you fill us in on your formative years-how did that directly or indirectly have an impact on you eventually taking acareer in photography?

Although I do not work in the photography industry, I have always been creative since I was child, drawing, painting or writing.

How difficult was it to watch a man who you may have seen as this tower of strength decline and of course how did you want to capture that decline? He was never into fiction it was always factual books.

History was his favourite subject, particularly American history. His mother and elder sister were both teachers and I think he wanted to live in USA.

How difficult was it to broach the subject perhaps with your father and with your mother to photograph his decline?

When I visited my priority was always my parents’ welfare.The documentary work I have seen at that point in time were mostly black and white.However, photography is a never-ending learning curve and now my current work is in colour because life is in colour.) Can you talk to us about a moment or image or person who helped your passion for photography grow? So, I bought a second-hand Pentax k1000 learnt the basics and darkroom techniques.Back in 2006 while I was living Brussels for work an opportunity came up to take a photography course in black and white photography. I was part of a collective group, so we had an exhibition of our newly learnt skills. I even managed sell one of my prints on that first viewing. How does your character lend itself to photography? It helps to have confidence in what I am doing, explaining to individuals the aim of a photographic project.The part-time photographer skillfully balances this project, so we gain a window into Hestelle’s Story (her mother) without losing her father’s story and the essence of her father who she describes as an “avid reader”.Through intimate black and white images, we are drawn into a world where the power of devotion and love is starkly evident.My mother was great believer of speaking her mind – it’s her stress reliever.Originally, I was going to do my story about my father’s decline – that was the idea in my head.I don’t like the whole hero worshipping of photographers or attempts to replicate a photographer. We were interested in Hestelle’s story a deeply personal story for you-tell us about the reasons behind this project?If you came to my home,you would see a lot of photography books. Hestelle’s Story was one of my first attempt at telling stories in a set of images.


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