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It’s cold there, though, and when I arrived back in Houston from a recent trip, I was still cold. I think that’s heartbreak, a little chink in my chest where the sun keeps spilling out. Everything I love about poetry I learned to love here. I want my poems to hold someone as Houston held me.

I filled notebooks on the benches at Discovery Green. One of my professors at the University of Houston said, “The poem is a place full of weather.” I think this means Houston is a poem, or Houston is made of poetry.

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These types of poems are usually geared towards children.

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In order to write a poem, you need to have a creative mind that is able to think outside the box.

These types of short poems are humorous and witty, with an ending that contains a punch line or clever retort.

An epigram often includes two verses that contain a well-organized flow, although they can be as short as a single sentence-long.

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