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I understood that you have to concentrate on the lighting and when I look carefully how the light appears on each object, I especially saw many different colours are on the kettle.

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I should have added darker colours to the palette, but if I did I think it would look like a different flower.

Exercise: Still life with natural objects For this exercise I used some tomatoes, apples, and cauliflower.

I placed everything on a white tablecloth, with a dark background.

I think, after I painted the flower, it is better to use a dark background because it is easy to show the object in the space and show where the light is.

I can learn from that exercise how to appear some colour or some colourful objects to the first plan on the canvas making most visibility and bring most attention for the audience, make stronger specific mood.

Exercise : Colour accuracy In this exercise I painted a couple of onions, apples, a lemon and a bottle of wine.

I used the dark background again, and everything was placed on the white tablecloth.

In this exercise I tried to show some geometrical forms on all these objects, and then I started painting all these objects in colour.

After doing this exercise and finding the neutral grey it can be said that it looks different on a white background and different on a dark background.

This was similar in the primary and secondary colour mixing where the identification of colours was dependant on the pigments in the paint I used, I only had a limited amount of colours so this made the exercise more difficult.


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