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Changing the way teachers receive feedback and are asked to practice new, targeted skills offers the model for what you ask them to do with their students.

Some schools are eliminating homework, citing research showing it doesn’t do much to boost achievement.

Deliberate practice is informed practice, guided by "the best performers' accomplishments and by understanding of what these expert performers do to excel" (p.98).

How do we know for certain, that all homework, particularly in the early grades, teaches what we want it to and what Ericcson and Pool describe? But for those students who left the classroom without an adequate grasp of the material, it may undermine its intention.

Practice, or reinforcement of a skill, is part of the educational process.

Practice in classwork and homework is an important part of guaranteeing students are learning what is being taught.

These happening in the early years can stop students from pushing forward, developing grit, and finding success.

Change how we work with teachers so they can change the way they work with their students.

Doing something over and over is good if it is targeted and informed; if feedback is timely and consistent.

After teachers gain their degrees and certification, they rely on professional development opportunities throughout their careers to continue their learning.


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