Pride And Prejudice Essay Questions

Be sure to include the consequences of these transgressions.Make a case for what you believe Austen’s motive to have been in presenting these episodes to her reader.

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Austen seems to reserve her satiric wit for an especially critical treatment of wealthier characters.

Choose one or more of these characters and compare/contrast how Austen treats them versus how she treats the characters from other social strata.

Elizabeth receives three different proposals during the course of this book.

Describe each of these events, as well as the reasons for Elizabeth's responses to them.

Consider which title is more evocative and effective in supporting the thematic development of the novel.

Once you have chosen the title you prefer, write an argumentative essay in which you defend your choice.takes place in a society and in a historical moment that defined women’s roles and abilities narrowly.A woman was expected to be and behave a certain way, and deviations from the social norm were rebuked, often severely.Examine the various female characters and the small and large ways in which they challenge these strict social roles that have been assigned to them.You may wish to consider one character and go in depth, or to consider a wide range of characters and multiple transgressions.In particular, be sure to discuss how journeys represent and precipitate transitions in the characters’ relationships.Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #4: Jane Austen’s Satiric Treatment of the Wealthy Social class is an important marker of the characters’ conditions and the quality of their relationships in .Explain whether the outcomes of the novel support an overall statement with respect to Austen’s opinion about the wealthy.Thesis Statement/Essay Topic #5: The Rejected Title Before the novel was published as .Why might Jane Austen have chosen these particular places for this plot to take place? Bennet are very similar in nature although very different in many other areas.What are some of these intrinsic differences and similarities, and what message(s) was Austen was trying to send with these two characters?


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