Problem Solving Using Division

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In order to find it, we have to DIVIDE: The verbiage of the problem can lead to confusion, so that “more” or “fewer” times can be interpreted as an addition or subtraction.

In the case of this problem, they say that Raymond has gotten $9 and that I have $27 and they ask me how many more I have saved than he has.

Once these division concepts are well understood, proceeding to worksheets that mix multiplication and division, and even addition and subtraction, can provide excellent practice to make sure students understand how each operation needs to be chosen appropriately based on the problem description.

In high school, some teachers had complained that there weren’t sufficient supplies, and as a result, they had to share 18 boxes of erasers equally among 9 classes. This is the easiest type of division problem that we will come across.

Now they subtract the divisor or the number that tells how many groups are needed from the dividend over and over until they reach zero. Chances are if you taught multiplication in a hands-on way, you taught is using arrays.

You can create an array when you place objects, pictures, or numbers in equal columns and equal rows.

If it is all shared with the recipients, 8 liters to each one, how many recipients are supplied with water?

Like every Sunday morning, Richard and Catherine have gone out for a walk through the field.

The numbers are relatively easy (numbers between 1 and 100).

We also have mixed multiplication and division word problems for grade 3 which students can try; mixing questions challenges students to fully understand the problem before applying a mechanical solution.


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