Purloined Letter Essay

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It is obvious, then, that the thief stole the letter. The only way he could do that was to steal it in plain sight.

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Lacan's explanation is that the unconscious is not just a bundle of drives, but is made up of symbolic strings, which participate in systems that have their own internal logic and thus motive force.

Poe wrote three detective stories featuring the same detective; “The Purloined Letter” is the last of the three.

Although Poe wrote across various mediums, he is best known for his short horror and detective stories.

Before the woman could stop him, he picked up the mysterious letter and read its contents. She is offering 50,000 francs to whoever finds the letter.

He put the letter in his pocket and said he would return to the lady about these business matters. G explains that he and his officers searched the bedchamber, and there was no sign of the missing letter. Naturally, G wants the money and so, he wants to find the letter before anyone else.


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