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Quoting processes include contextualization of the quote.You are advised to use methods such as Modern Language Association (MLA) which requires that you indicate the author’s last name and page. Another method of citation is the American Psychological Association (APA).

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Quoting has several rules that need to be followed: For example:“The boys stared at their mother. Rich said, ‘Lazy boys can’t help you find some work to do!!

’”You can also quote a dialogue by reporting it then use parenthesis at the end.

This is where the application of quotes comes in; there are two ways in which you can refer to someone’s statement: you can decide to use reported speech or active speech.

It is in a direct speech that you will need to use the quotation because you are referring directly to what someone else said.

Secondly, you can use the American Psychological Association (APA) that requires you to indicate author and date. The style is mostly used in the citation of academic materials gathered from the social sciences.

Others include Harvard, Chicago, and Turabian formats. This includes in-text citations, endnotes and reference pages among others.The same applies to the citation of work with more than five authors only that at this time, you do not list all their last names at the first citation. Whenever you want to cite a work with no author, just cite the title in the parentheses or signal phrase. An analysis of undergraduate writing styles in the context of gender and achievement. Harvard style is the author-date or the parenthetical style of referencing that allows your reader to identify the sources used and the location of such sources. Retrieved on 9 March 2017 from Business Source Premier, EBSCOhost [accessed 9 March 2017]. Quoting someone in an essay means using other writers’ information either directly or paraphrased to support your argument.Writers are normally advised to acknowledge the sources of such information and should credit the authors by quoting them.It is good to understand the meaning of quoting dialogue in an essay.While you are writing your essay, you may want to refer to what some other person said directly without changing the phrase.In such a case, use letters with lower cases (a, b, c) with the year when ordering the entries in the reference list. In addition, Harvard requires that you all the names of 2 to 3 authors’ last names are mentioned. The lower cases are also used in the in-text citation. Usually, most of the electronic sources lack pages therefore when including information from such items, ensure that you include the number of the paragraph where the information is found especially if the document has numbered paragraphs: Vaiman, V., Scullion, H., & Collings, D. However, for more than 3 authors, you can either choose to list all of them or list only the first author’s last name followed by “et al.” ensure that you abbreviate the page range as pp. 60-80 or 97, 99-113 as well as p for a single page. This way you will have summarized instead of writing the entire passage you will have referred to it using the simplest form.Lengthy quotations are not adored in essay writing the shorter it becomes, the better. I am a professional writer of academic and website articles.(Victor, Elsy, know your friend.com)It is very beneficial to go through various writing quotes so that you can be a pro at quoting dialogues.


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