Reaction Essay Thesis Statement

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Such theses prevent you from demonstrating critical thinking and analytical skills, which you want to show your instructor.

If you were to write a paper around the next two statements, your writing would probably be quite dull because you would be restating facts that the general public already knows.

Cause/effect essays may be quite similar to the response ones because they both present reasoning to the stated opinion.

Your flow of ideas should be organized and understandable.

When you relate your own ideas to the author’s, you can bring your personal knowledge and experience to bear on the topic in such a way as to analyze the author’s message in a familiar context.

When you carry on a dialogue with the author, you are expanding and speculating on the author’s ideas—entering an academic conversation with the author.

Your reactions may include your subjective interpretations; you may even use the first-person narrator “I.” Your reaction paper need not follow the organization and ordering of the text you are writing about; in fact, reactions can begin with the last point the author made and then move to other points made earlier.

Reactions can be about one or many of the author’s ideas.

You may even be asked to write a reaction assignment in a journal.

Reaction writing may be informal or formal and is primarily analytical; reactions may be included in critiques, reviews, illustrations of ideas, or judgments of a concept or theory.


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