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Give them as much autonomy as possible to identify problems they want to solve, within the constraints dictated by the curriculum.

Give them as much autonomy as possible to identify problems they want to solve, within the constraints dictated by the curriculum.You might start by asking students to be on the alert for problems in their home, school, or community.Online Resources So how do you focus your online research to target problems that students can approach with a STEM lens?

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For example, students might notice erosion in the schoolyard, or determine that kids need a digital tool to manage their homework assignments. Just remember to direct students toward problems that are appropriate for their grade level and content knowledge. Simply typing “real-world problems” in a search engine brings up a host of possible sites that you can sift through for ideas.

If students get stuck, ask them what needs to happen to make life better for the citizens in their area. But be forewarned: Everything labeled “real-world problem” is not necessarily a STEM real-world problem with an engineering approach.

Alternatively, you might build a context to help them connect with an unfamiliar problem by using videos, speakers, or field trips.

• The problem should be “doable.” For a STEM project to be successful, students should have access to the resources, knowledge, and skills they need to solve the problem—and the scope of the problem should be manageable.

In your STEM class, each team of students might choose a different approach for solving the problem, and several different solutions may work.

• Students should use an engineering design process—drawing on science, mathematics, and technology skills and concepts—to solve the problem.• Take a stop at the Boston Museum of Science for comprehensive and well-designed engineering curriculum targeting all age groups.The museum’s Engineering Everywhere Curriculum Units offer free STEM lessons that focus on unique and interesting real-world challenges.This needs to be a significant challenge students care about.It might be a problem in their own life or community.Working on solutions to real-world problems is the heart of any STEM investigation.These solutions may include devices and designs that improve our lives, fulfill our needs or wants, and make our world better.Teachers can more readily buy into teaching STEM if students are able to use skills they are learning anyway to address the selected problem.Problem Possibilities Now for the most challenging part: selecting a real-world problem that meets the above criteria.Engineering solutions for a problem involving clean energy, such as wind turbines or solar cells, might be realistic.However, tackling a problem involving interplanetary space travel—not so much.


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