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Next, I have the pleasure of mentioning two other leading thinkers and writers: Elizabeth Saunders and Cal Newport.

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This book’s monumental impact was perhaps best heralded by the American popular mathematics and popular science writer Martin Gardner who elegantly summed it up by noting that the thread we had picked up earlier—how individuals can care as much about their art as they do for the craft of writing well—let’s check out an excerpt or two from the almost-sublime prose of an author whose name is quite possibly alien to the majority of my fellow software designers and developers, though I may be pleasantly mistaken in my assumption 😂 Allow me to introduce Whether the wish is to know oneself more deeply, to understand better the psychoanalytic process, or simply to immerse oneself in seamless, elegant prose, Philip Bromberg’s Awakening the Dreamer is enormously satisfying.

Besides showing that the analyst’s thoughtful self-revelation is not simply permissible, but actually necessary in the analytic process, Bromberg makes salient connections between leading-edge work in affective neuroscience and the relational psychoanalytic tradition he helped create.

It’s like hacking a new pathway through the jungle of the day when you were used to strolling down a well-established trail or like breaking up scar tissue and retraining your muscles when your body developed bad compensation techniques after an injury….

Ultimately, though, strengthening simple routines leads to a life where you consistently achieve more success with less stress.

Like Crockford, Fogus writes in a manner that’s both brief and informative, saying just enough to drive his ideas home without belaboring them.

You’ll find elegance not only in the approaches and code Fogus presents, but also in the way he presents them Let’s next turn our attention to the pursuit of beauty in the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid whose author, Douglas Hofstadter, astonished the world with the publication of this mind-bending fugue of a book.

A nearly effortless read, Dreamer places the reader inside the minds both of a master clinician and of his patient It’s simply impossible to even try to contemplate doing any sort of justice to the caliber of Bromberg’s prose; the best antidote is for me to share a typical passage from this prolific writer.

In particular—and I have a confession to make here—a Consider the following lines written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (2001) in his novel, The Shadow of the Wind. I told him about my mother and how much I missed her.

The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, the sense of being more than Man, which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, is to be found in mathematics as surely as poetry (italics mine).

To this I add the seemingly anachronistic case of this observation by top-notch writer and Lisp hacker Peter Seibel.


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