Research Paper On Motivation At Work

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To say that managers motivate their subordinates is to say that they do those things which they hope will satisfy these drives and desires and induce the subordinates to act in a desired manner.” — Weihrich and Koontz Thus, the process of motivation begins when a person has needs to satisfy.

He performs actions (behaviour) to fulfill his need.

The manager must, therefore, determine what motivates the human behaviour.

An individual performs business tasks, in the first instance, not because he wants the organisational goals to be achieved but because that work will give him financial rewards through which he can satisfy his personal needs and desires.

When management was first studied in a scientific way during the twentieth century, Frederick Wins low Taylor worked to improve productivity of labour.

He developed efficiency measures and incentive system where workers were paid more for meeting a standard higher than normal production. Therefore, workers seemed to be economically motivated.

If he continues on the same job, he may lose interest in work and become indifferent towards it.

Though physically he may be present at work, mentally he may not be fulfilling the requirements of the job.

A model of motivation helps managers enforce the right motivators to prompt workers to action; suitable for the organisation to achieve its broader goals.

According to the model, every individual has some need (primary or secondary) which he wants to satisfy and, therefore, engages in some behaviour.


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