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An important point for the future is whether or not present practices regarding plagiarism need to be changed in order to better promote progress in research.Plagiarism remains a persistent problem within both education and research.

In relation to academic research, plagiarism is listed as one of the core instances of scientific misconduct and has been described as “a crime against academy,” even “academic high treason” (Bouville 2008, p. But it is also acknowledged that there is a large span between different instances of plagiarism, ranging from careless accreditation to premeditated fraud.

Plagiarism constitutes a considerable part of scientific misconduct.

Ethical aspects more often come to the fore in the discussions of plagiarism in research, particularly concerning plagiarism of text, where there is considerable disagreement.

While plagiarism is frequently brought up as an important aspect of scientific misconduct in research ethical guidelines, and a variety of definitions have been offered in this context, such documents rarely reflect a deeper understanding of the concept, its relation to similar concepts, its embeddedness in specific practices, or its normative implications.

Peer-reviewed journals are an excellent source of valid research information.

Reading the abstracts of books and articles is a fast way to garner if an article is worth reading for possible use.More research on these issues is needed, although suggestions have been made as to how plagiarism should be understood, demarcated, explained, detected, normatively analyzed, and counteracted.One theme with an obvious global focus concerns the cultural dependence of attitudes toward plagiarism, for instance, whether differences in perception and practice can be explained by differences in relation to authorities.Primary research sources include data from interviews, original documents, field observations, diaries, journals, and experiments.The writer can also conduct his or her own research survey or questionnaire and use the data collected for support.If one finds pertinent information in Wikipedia, he or she should scroll to the bottom of the web page and find the references listed there.The wanted information may be located in one of these sources.The abstract is located at the beginning of an article and will contain a synopsis of the information contained in the article.Internet searches can also be fruitful, but the writer must use caution because not all internet sources are reliable.On internet sites, the researcher should also check for reputability by noting the author of the page content. Is the organization sponsoring the site a reputable one?When using sources, the writer must know how to cite and reference properly.


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