Restaurant Business Plan Samples

She loves to cook, and she feels she would be much happier doing a job she loves.But, before she can actually start living her dream, she needs to obtain some sort of financing.

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Our initial statement to Investors and Financial Lenders is a candid disclosure of the Zara Restaurant & Lounge business proposal - our intent is to set realistic business expectations, and eliminate any questions about the profitability of this business venture.

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to paint the business plan with a very optimistic brush, highlighting strengths and camouflaging the risks.

Every restaurant needs suppliers and vendors that provide any necessary tools, food, or equipment.

Tyra must explain which vendors and suppliers she plans on using, what each will be providing and whether or not she has actually begun drawing up contracts with any of them.

Even with the worst-case sales scenario, we reach a Net Worth break even at the end of Year 5.

On a linear projection, the entire financial debt will be retired by Year 7.

The loan will be used towards Equipment purchase, Design, Construction, and Operational Start-Up expenses. Private Investors, who will be part owners with a non-managerial interest in the business, will contribute the remaining 0,000.

As owners, our commitment is to take personal accountability for all financial debt.

Banks want to know how you'll compete against those other restaurants and why you feel you'll be successful at doing so. The fifth step to writing a successful business plan is to lay out the menu. While the main funding might be coming from the bank itself, it's also a good idea to explain any other cash flow you might have. Tyra knows that she needs to explain how money will flow through her new restaurant and how she'll make sure she always has enough cash flow to cover basic operating expenses.

When Tyra writes her business plan, she'll also want to explain how her restaurant hopes to get customers. Of course, Tyra needs to know what she'll be serving to her customers. How will you realistically operate your restaurant? Many times a new business, like a restaurant, needs to find a way to finance the venture.


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