Romeo And Juliet Conflict Coursework

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Through all the given information, it can be concluded that Shakespeare and Luhrmann have both used the text Romeo and Juliet, to explore the different ideas of conflict by shaping and reshaping.

By introducing both major and minor conflicting scenes between the two feuding families, as well as conflict within each family, the audience can thoroughly understand the idea of conflict across age groups.

Shakespeare has used different tones to express each character’s perspectives.

Through “Patience perforce with wilful choler meeting, makes my flesh tremble in their different greeting.” The audience can understand that Tybalt is clearly dishonoured and frustrated.

In contradiction, high angles are used when Juliet is shot, making the subject look helpless.

Close up shots are also used to show each character’s’ emotions, building suspense and provoking emotions.This shows the audience Lord Capulet’s arrogance and hostility, as well as emphasising his power and leadership shown in previous scenes.Ideas of conflict have been shaped by Shakespeare, and reshaped in Luhrmann’s appropriation, through these ideas in the text Romeo and Juliet.This scene features many minor conflicts between characters.An example is between Tybalt and Lord Capulet when Tybalt spots Romeo, at the venue, wanting to draw his sword.Tybalt is constantly presented with low angle shots, suggesting that he is the dominating figure.This suggests that Tybalt and the Capulets have the upper hand in the feud, and this is further propagated throughout the film.The conflict escalates between Tybalt and Mercutio, as Mercutio provokes Tybalt to engage in a fight after Tybalt confronts Romeo. ” This emphasises Romeo’s reluctance for a fight to break out, highlighted through his desperate tone, as he pleads for them to stop before blood is shed.Romeo follows with the exasperated remark, “Gentlemen, for shame! Tybalt’s ignorance and urge to fight leads to Mercutio’s death, as well as his own.This is how Shakespeare and Luhrmann have shaped and reshaped ideas of conflict in the text, Romeo and Juliet.There are other minor conflict scenes in the play, especially in act one scene five during the masquerade ball at the Capulet’s house.


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