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Use the essay questions in this lesson to help your students find deeper meaning of the relationships and events in the book. Ona's decision to earn money as a prostitute is one of those choices.Sinclair made many social and political observations and statements in The Jungle. During the story, we learn of Jurgis going to jail for thirty days. How did this choice affect her, her relationship with Jurgis, and her family? The meat packing industry plays a critical and significant role in The Jungle.

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He specifically addressed socialism and its benefits in a society. Why do you think he chose to incorporate his socialist agenda in the book? Why do you think Sinclair chose this industry for the story?

How effective was he in making a case for socialism? The story is based in the early 1900's and depicts the harsh conditions many immigrants faced after coming to America. What did you learn about the industry from the book?

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'The Jungle' is a novel depicting the challenges a family has after they immigrate to the United States in the early 1900s.

This lesson includes sample essay topics to help students understand conditions of the time and the hardships immigrants faced.However, their life in Chicago was miserable in many ways.They found many challenges, hardships and difficult choices.Furthermore, we should avoid recycling clothes and just wear them once, before we wash them – especially our undies. Whether we choose to keep them short or long or whichever style we like to make them, they should always be neat and clean.They should be washed with shampoo regularly, so that they do not stink or loose luster and flexibility.So, parents have to be role models and lead by example.Hygiene can be grouped into two, personal and environmental hygiene.Being social creatures, it is up to us to maintain high levels of cleanliness.And it is not a matter of choice, but our responsibility – just like paying taxes.Many racial and gender opinions were different then than in our time. What changes would happen if the story were written in modern times? How did the meat packing industry affect the characters? How did the characters handle the challenges they faced in their jungle?It's interesting that the author chose to name the book The Jungle when it was set in an urban setting. One significant decision in the book was the choice to buy a home on installments.


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