Scholarships With Essays For High School Seniors 2014

Scholarships With Essays For High School Seniors 2014-1
1)submit scholarship application that has been countersigned by a counselor at the high school at which the applicant attends, 2) official transcript; 3) SAT/ACT scores; 4) essay; 5) last year's 1040 Federal Tax Return; 6) two letters of rec.; 7) 3.8 GPA or better 1) applicant must currently live in the Kalihi-Palama area or who have participated in a Palama Settlement program or activity before; 2) essay; 3) official transcript; 4) two letters of rec.; 5) financial need, provide copy of last year's federal tax return; 6) photo; 7) interview; 8) must be willing to provide Palama Settlement with 8 hours of community service 1) graduating high school senior who has taken either the Teacher Education or Explorations in Education course; 2) be a full-time student in a college or university in the school year 2014/2015; 3) minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0; 4) two recommendations from teachers/employers; 5) transcript; 6) copies of acceptance from colleges applied to; 7) essay. Make sure to cover with black ink social security number; 7) copy of your 2017 FAFSA application form 1) intend to pursue a major in engineering, architecture or construction management; 2) minimum GPA of 3.0; 3) Official transcript; 4) accepted as a full time undergraduate student to a four year college/university; 5) two letters of rec.; 6) essay.1) current senior in high school in Hawaii planning to enroll at an accredited US college or university full-time in the fall of 2019; 2) minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3; 3) demonstrated leadership potential and commitment to public service; 4) U. citizen or permanent resident; 5) essay; 6) one letter of rec.; 7) official transcript scholarships are for two and four year institutions.

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1) minimum GPA of 3.0; 2) extra-curricular activities; 3) financial need; 4) two letters of rec.; 5) acceptance letter from accredited college/university; 6) copy of parent's IRS Form 10; 7) essay; 8) official transcript.

online; additional documents needed: 1) Student Aid Report (after completing FAFSA); 2) current grade transcript issued by Registrar's office; 3) personal statement; 4) additional essays required for certain funds; 5) SAT/ACT scores required for certain funds.

1) be a member of UHFCU or a family member thereof; 2) have applied or been accepted to a UH system campus, or be currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution on a full time basis with intent to enroll in a UH system campus; 3) if awarded, become a member of UHFCU; 4) financial need: 5) essay; 6) academic merit; 7) community service; 8) leadership and participation in school.

One (1) senior will be selected to represent FHS in this scholarship program.

1) plan to pursue a degree at an accredited post-secondary institution; 2) demonstrated financial need; 3) minimum GPA of 3.0; 4) contributed to their community as demonstrated by their involvement in extra-curricular activities, work, religious, or volunteer activities; 5) official transcript; 6) two letters of recommendations; 7) include copy of your Student Aid Report from FAFSA.

1) Hawaii resident of Hawaiian ancestry; 2) full-time classified student at an accredited U. educational institution recognized by KS; 3) demonstrated financial need through CSS profile, 4) Must submit 2015 tax information and documents 1) be living in the United States; 2) 2.5 cumulative GPA; 3) graduating high school senior; 4) plan to enroll full-time at an accredited two or four year college or university or vocational-technical school in the U. 1) major in Business or Business related major at accredited 4-year institution; 2) U. citizen and Hawaii residency; 3) Minimum GPA of 3.0; 4) copy of student aid report (SAR) from FAFSA; 5) official transcript with test scores; 6) two letters of rec; 7) two essays 1) demonstrate an interest in pursuing a business career; 2) be a graduating senior from a designated high school in a community where a Longs Drug Store is located; 3) intend to enroll in an accredited two-year or four-year college or university; 4) provide evidence of involvement in school and/or community affairs; 5) show academic promise-demonstrate progressive improvement; 6) provide evidence of partial self-support to help cover educational expenses (for example, savings from summer jobs, part-time work, etc); 7) be a United States citizen or permanent resident; 8) one letter of recommendation; 9) official transcript; 10) personal statement.

Winners are eligible to receive cash awards for themselves and the charitable organizations of their choice.

The Gromet Foundationb Scholars Program is for low income students who excel academically. citizenship; 2) minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8; 3) official transcript; 4) must attend a four-year institution in the state of Hawaii; 5) 300 word essay on obstacles overcome and how scholarship will benefit you; 6) copy of the first two pages of parent's 2016 Federal Tax form 1040 or copy of SAR report.

Race, color, sex, national origin, or financial need will not influence the selection; 6) official transcipts signed by counselor.

1) financial need; 2) plan to attend an accredited college or university as a full time student; 3) have participated and intend to continue participating competitively in water sports or volleyball (volleyball alone is not sufficient for this scholarship) and have a record of accomplishment; 4) personal statement; 5) individual photo; 6) two letters of rec.; 7) page one and two of parent's most recent federal tax return 1) scholastic achievement; 2) Citizenship and character emphasizing traits of trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, and leadership; 3) essay on designated topic; 4) official transcript; 5) one letter of rec.; 6) extra-curricular activities 1) must be Hispanic or of Hispanic descent; 2) must reside in the district of a Hispanic State Legislator; 3) minimum GPA of 3.0; 4) must be nominated by school principal, teacher, guidance counselor, legislator, or community leader; 5) resume; 6) official transcript; 7) two letters of rec.; 8) personal statement on selected topic 1) Incoming first-year students at Chaminade University; 2) Pursue a degree in one of the qualifying STEM programs of study; 3) Meet academic requirements, as determined by the student's standings at the time of application; 4) Preference to applicants of Native Hawaiian ancestry 1) must graduate from high school during or before the summer of 2018 and plan to enroll as a freshman in college in the fall of 2018; 2) U. Citizens and Permanent Residents or Students, regardless of citizenship, currently attending high school in the United States; 3) excel academically and exhibit strong personal character.


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