School Bullies To Dictators Essay

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And if the president is a married man, the most bullied woman is likely to be his wife, the First Lady, especially if she assumes a public role, as many have done.

The media will examine her through a microscopic lens, searching for any imperfection or blunder to publicize in order to enhance their own ratings.

There are exceptions to the First Lady being the most bullied woman.

Other women who hold top positions of power may be contenders, such as Hillary Clinton, especially during election season.

One way is to examine how much they are insulted, ridiculed, and attacked in the news and entertainment media. President Trump holds the Number One place hands down.

School Bullies To Dictators Essay

Why the President is the most bullied person There is a simple reason President Trump is the most bullied person in the world: The more powerful and famous you are, the more people are going to want to criticize, ridicule, attack, hate, and even destroy you.Caveat: (Added two days after original publication.) The name Trump arouses strong passions, and passions readily impair comprehension.It seems that some readers failed to understand the point of this essay (which could be totally wrong), though it is clearly stated in both the subtitle and the closing section.does not suggest our freedom to insult and even curse out our leaders should be curtailed; not a defense of the Trumps – being a victim of bullying does not equal virtue; and 5. How do we determine who is the most bullied person?The Obamas were also the most-bullied The Obamas were also the most bullied people when they occupied the White House.Barack was a recipient not only of praise; he was constantly despised and attacked by a sizable portion of Americans. As reported in the New York Daily News: During her eight years as First Lady, Michelle Obama withstood an onslaught of personal attacks and racist insults, with her critics seizing on her skin color and physical features – and repeatedly comparing her to a monkey in a bid to diminish her and tear her down.Her clothing was ridiculed only a few days ago: “Twitter goes after Melania Trump's unusual ensemble at the 2018 White House turkey pardoning.” You may recall the worldwide attacks she suffered because of a coat she wore bearing the imprint, “I don’t really care, do you?” But perhaps the most scathing attack on her wardrobe – or lack of one – was perpetrated a week ago by Bette Middler (I happened to find it funny, though Middler got mostly flack for her joke), who referred to FLOTUS (First Lady Of The US) as FLOTITS in a Tweet, The dry cleaning bill for the upholstery on Air Force One must be insane.With the possible exception of despotic dictatorships, the most bullied person in any country is its leader. S., it’s always been our president, even the most popular of them. The President is also the nation’s most respected and supported person.But that does not negate the fact that he/she is the most bullied.


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