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A blend of craft basics and speculative fiction specifics, this creative writing course is an invaluable way to find your place in today’s golden age of fantastic fiction.This course aims to develop your speculative fiction writing skills and equip you with one completed short story as well as a portfolio of writing within a framework of knowledge that will become the basis of your writing practice.

By the end of this course, you should be able to: Writers of all levels, ages and backgrounds, whether you have just a germ of an idea or are an experienced writer looking to complete a final draft. Delivered through a variety of methods including: Writing implements/laptops and a binder or folder for additional weekly handouts.

You will receive a free reader crammed with craft essays and some of the best speculative literature of our time chose by J.

If the story is only about its novum, it’s going to bore the hell out of people. And that leads to stories that might be interesting, but are never compelling. If you find that interesting, or any other novum, it’s because something about it echoes within the vast caverns of your inner emotional being. What is it about a portal that connects all worlds that connects to your emotional inner world?

The question is, what about the novum is triggering your emotions? Maybe it’s that a portal might give those who step into it the chance to be a different person, living a different life. Let it grow, and it might one day become a story to shiver your audience’s soul.

Who should attend: both aspiring and published authors are welcome.

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It is a great arena to workshop your story, find out what is working, what might not be, and to gain insight from members with a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. What is expected of you: every meeting will have a work submitted by one or two members.

Oisín Mc Gann works full time as an author and illustrator. If you have any further queries, or to find out more about how the online courses work, you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at [email protected] cancellation/refund policy may be viewed here.

Oisin is a winner of the European Science Fiction Society Award and has published eleven novels. Discussing conventions, festivals and other events. PAYMENT/REGISTRATION: Please note that we do not require you to fill out a registration form.

How hard do I have to argue to persuade you that a story that’s actually divorce proceedings, with long detailed speeches from lawyers, about the details of marriage contract law, will be quite boring?

Then why would a story about a portal that connects all world’s, with achingly long monologues by competent scientists on the details of multiverse physics, be any more interesting? And so it obsesses over novums, concepts, ideas, explanation and other intellectual modes.


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