Scott Ostrom Photo Essay

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"But I don’t believe in ducking down."Even with these successes, Rasmussen says he still faces the challenge of making sure photography isn't treated like a second-class citizen by the rest of the paper."It's always a challenge to walk side-by-side with the rest of the newsroom," he says.

"Some newsrooms are harder and some are easier."Rasmussen says he's also not ready to rest on his laurels, but wants to keep pushing everyone to do better and better work."I want to continue seeing photographs that move me, that make me stop because they are so beautiful or capture such a powerful moment," he says.

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In the end, the story was nominated for a Pulitzer."He's a machine, but if you are willing to put yourself out there Tim has your back 100 percent," Stocker says. Walker spent nearly three years shooting the 2010 Pulitzer about soldier Ian Fisher and spent 10 months following Scott Ostrom for the current Pulitzer story.

In addition to elevating the level of work amongst the staff at the "A lot of photo departments and photo editors gave up like Dilbert" when it came to the web, Rasmussen says.Stocker says he remembers slogging through an edit of pictures he shot about Judaism in Europe — a project he spent six weeks shooting abroad.He and another editor, Mary Vignoles, worked tirelessly before presenting an edit to Rasmussen.Nearly five years later, Scott remains conflicted by the war.Though he is proud of his service and cares greatly for his fellow Marines, he still carries guilt for things he did — and didn’t do — fighting a war he no longer believes in.” To see the full gallery, visit: Scott Ostrom. – Have you seen the Penn Street Farmers Market’s new Facebook page?Here’s hoping they pick in York County during their upcoming Pennsylvania trip.York Town Square poll: The threatened Hoke farmhouse has been in the news.This description accompanies a gallery of his work: “After serving four years as a reconnaissance man and deploying twice to Iraq, Brian Scott Ostrom, 27, returned home to the U. with a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Nothing is ever going to compare to what I’ve done, so I’m struggling to be at peace with that,’ Scott said. It was a part of me.’ Since his discharge, Scott has struggled with daily life, from finding and keeping employment to maintaining healthy relationships.‘The most important part of my life already happened. He attributes his PTSD to his second deployment to Iraq, where he served seven months in Fallujah with the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion. But most of all, he’s struggled to overcome his brutal and haunting memories of Iraq.The exposure the story got has put Ostrom in touch with many veterans who share similar stories, and the experience overall has helped him deal with his PTSD and slowly re-adjust to civilian life.Often photographers are seen as separate impartial entities, heartless in the face of the pain they’re capturing.


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