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Should sites be able to host copyrighted material free of charge?Is it ethically right to stream pirated music and movies? In last 40 years the United States federal government has accumulated unprecedented debt, meaning that it has spent more money than it has collected in revenue.

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Share these prompts with students who are beginning to write essays. Write an essay that names your favorite season and gives reasons why it is best. Tell why the person would make an excellent president, provide the person’s qualifications, and urge readers to vote for the candidate. Now write an editorial to your school newspaper that identifies the new class and provides strong reasons for including it in your school’s curriculum.

If you could have any pet, what pet would you choose? Archeologists have uncovered ancient flutes carved from bird bones and mammoth ivory, showing that music has been with us for a very long time. The Supreme Court ruled that random drug testing is constitutional for high school students involved in athletics and other extracurricular activities.

Write an essay that argues for or against random drug testing of all students.

Some 9 billion animals are killed and used for food each year in the United States.

Whether you are working on a persuasive unit or preparing your students for assessment, these writing prompts can serve as a starting point for building persuasive (argument) essays. Write a letter to your parent or guardian naming the pet you would most like to have and giving reasons why you should get to have this pet. Some day, you and your classmates will be the adults in charge of running the world. Which of your classmates would make the best president of the United States? Write an essay that tells what music does for human beings and argues for its value in our lives.

Encourage students to use the PAST strategy to analyze the prompts, and share six strategies for writing arguments to help them do their best work. Maybe you like crackling fall leaves or tender spring flowers. Write an editorial announcing a presidential bid by a classmate of yours (or yourself). Think about a class not currently available that you would like your school to offer.Although these genres have been criticized by some composition scholars, the Purdue OWL recognizes the wide spread use of these approaches and students’ need to understand and produce them.: Some confusion may occur between the argumentative essay and the expository essay.Among other things, SOPA would expand criminal laws to include unauthorized streaming of copyrighted movies, music, and television.Many free-content sites such as Wikipedia and Reddit boycotted the bill as a threat to free speech.If, in your opinion, they are not, describe alternatives that could be used to measure achievement." In 2011, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill was introduced to the United States House of Representatives.They are also used to measure readiness for certain careers, such as law and medicine.Test scores impact the funding that public schools receive from the federal government.Argumentative essay assignments generally call for extensive research of literature or previously published material.Argumentative assignments may also require empirical research where the student collects data through interviews, surveys, observations, or experiments.


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