Short Essay On Importance Of Discipline In School

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The importance of discipline in educational institutions is well-recognized.

Unfortunately, we notice that discipline in our schools and colleges has considerably declined, Students are disrespectful to their teachers; they misbehave in the classrooms organize strikes; take the law into their hands. Undoubtedly, it is discontentment that leads to breakdown of law and order.

Eve-teas­ing is another example of irresponsible behav­iour on the part of our youth.

Today, women don’t feel safe in our cities because of unruly behaviour of goondas.

But it is possible only if they do not take the law in their own hands.

They must act with restrain and organize peaceful agitation; otherwise there is every possibility of violence and threat to public and national property.

The urgent need of the hour is to make an in-depth study of the education system whether it is still relevant to our needs and growing population.

In order to improve the atmosphere in the educational institutions the government must look into the genuine grievances of the teachers and the students.

Indians are known for their warmth and friendliness, yet they are narrow-minded, bigoted and indifferent One has only to go to government offices to see it.

Workers shirk their duty, they are indifferent to their responsibilities, spend their office hours in canteen and pay no attention either to the long queues of people waiting or to the rising pile of unattended urgent files. Both the public and the government suffer for their negligence.


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