Sigmund Freud Dreams Research Paper

However, the manifest content is not comprehensive, because it consists of a distorted version of the latent content.

Dream understanding and interpretation during that time was influenced heavily by Freud's drive-conflict theory.

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[1] More recent research suggests that they may help us process intense emotions, [2] or perhaps sort through and consolidate memories, [3] or make sense of random neuron activity, [4] or rehearse responses to threatening situations.

Sigmund Freud famously contended that they reveal hidden truths and wishes.

The majority of dreams occur during REM sleep cycles, of which the average person has four or five a night.

Eight percent of dreams are about sex, a rate that holds for both women and men—though women are twice as likely as men to have sexual dreams about a public figure, while men are twice as likely to dream about multiple partners.

[5] Others argue that dreams have no evolutionary function, but simply dramatize personal concerns.

[6] Despite being largely unsupported by evidence, Freud’s view maintains a strong following around the world. S., South Korea, and India were much more likely to say that dreams reveal hidden truths than to endorse better-substantiated theories.


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