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It will have to address in a direct and essential way the main content of your work within a specific discipline.For this reason, the title of your book will normally be shorter than your Ph D's.

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D., some elements usually distinguish a typical doctoral thesis from a monograph. Turning your doctoral thesis into a book will require you to re-edit the text of your dissertation and revise its style.

Your book will probably need to be more: The title is the first thing a potential reader/buyer will get to know about your book.

What is the abstract of your thesis needs to become the blurb of a commercial book. It is important that you present your work in a catchy way to capture your potential reader’s attention.

Before writing the blurb you should consider: Think about what a preface adds to your book and ask yourself if you need one.

It will often depend on the discipline in which you are writing and how sensitive your potential audience is to methodological questions.

Generally, scholars in SPS may pay more attention to methodology than, let’s say, law researchers.

As a rule, ask yourself if you need to devote an entire chapterto it, as is often the case in a Ph.

D., or if you can integrate methodology into the introduction.

The editing and proofreading techniques were very helpful.

I do thank the facilitator.” “The workshop was absolutely great and has given me a lot of confidence for moving forward.” “I feel more confident about my progress to date and ability to complete on time and to my supervisors’ satisfaction.


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