Single Life And Married Life Essay

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Bacon further says that single men prove to be best friends, better masters and servants.

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Other foolish and greedy men pride themselves upon the fact that they have no children.

They feel that they would be thought rich by others if they had no children on whom they had to spend more.

They give a lot of attention to the public and use their money and resources for public benefit, in this sense they can be regarded as having married the public at large and considering it to be their children.

The public is a single man's family and he gives his love and money to it in Bacon's viewpoint.

The first part of the opening sentence of Bacons essay, Of Marriage and single life, is usually taken as a comment against marriage; He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune Hostage to Fortune is the title of Jardine & Stewarts biography of Bacon (discussed briefly biographical posts.) The phrase just means that people with spouses and kids are no longer free to choose as they please.

They have to make sensible choices, which tend to be moderate. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this essay is its outstanding objectivity.

But if her husband is jealous, she will never do this. Wives are young mens mistresses, companions for middle age and old mens nurses.

A man may marry when he likes but it would better if he marries young.

Bacon is mostly perceived as a cold and calculating person.

As such, he cannot be considered as having a soft corner for children.


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