Small Business Enterprise Assignment

without understand customers and market so it’s hard to develop performance those employees and not give proper satisfaction to them.

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Small business enterprise mean start a new innovative business at any place and provide effective and innovative products and goods to customers and try to set a effective image in the market and their customers mind.

All business wants to build monopoly in the market try to beat all competitors.

Mc Donald provide fast food to customers, it can also expand their business in provide full lunch and dinner also to customers with good quality and healthy food and deliver them on the decided time period and also ask them any issues and problems regarding their services and products.

When start any kind of business before implement their business plans and design, has be decided their vision and mission their objectives and goals those they want to be achieve in their future.

To maintain customers and status in the market so give them extra and free goods to customers, try to understand their opinions and views, set and build trust and loyalty in their customers mind so they can easy to purchase and use their products in their life, provide support them and keep better communication to customers with smooth and good way of communication features so they can easy to ask anything regarding their business plan and build a good and effective image in their mind and they can easy to motivate and appreciate their servicing and products.

Mc Donald can be expanding their business in the market so, they can adopt and use new servicing and facilities to customers.

For build an effective image in the market and provide good and effective services to customers so has to be understand their needs and wants and give them servicing and facilities according to their needs and wants.

weaknesses of a business may be down the reputation in the market so has to be adopt some removable techniques and methods and give perfect directions to employees of working they can be give proper satisfaction to them and help to achieve their decided task and goals.

Mc Donald is the small business enterprise its want to start a new and innovative business and want to achieve objective and goals those are set by their head of the department.

Mc Donald is the food chain that provides different foods to customers and builds a effective image in the market and give proper satisfaction to them.


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