Small Company Business Plan

Then, the two teams would line up across from each other, agree on the rules and get ready to start the game.

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Building for customers allows you to make some money.

When you build for your own company, it allows for passive income, freedom and equity growth.

They also have written plays designed to work in every situation they encounter. Unless you want to run your company like a young, inexperienced quarterback, you need a winning playbook to follow.

When starting a construction company, what needs to be in your business plan?

Obviously, there wasn't a playbook, nor did the teams have time to practice their game plan.

Before each down, the inexperienced quarterback gathered his team in a huddle and called plays based on what he thought would work and would surprise the opponent.They don't fire the players-they fire the head coach.And most of the coaching staff gets let go as well.In order to build a winning team, you must surround yourself with the best managers possible. I recently spoke at a national association of material distributors where a successful business owner approached me and stated his goal was to double his company to million in sales over the next 5 years.He loved selling and wanted to try to find someone who could run the operations side of his company.I played a lot of touch football when I was around 10 years old.Eight of us neighborhood boys would gather at our local park and choose teams.The quarterback usually called the plays, even though he wasn't always the smartest player on the team.He was usually the one who was the tallest, fastest or had the best arm.I often ask business owners why they are in business.Their typical answer is to make money doing whatever they do, such as plumbing or construction.


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